Life Update + Raw Raw Rituals Review

Hi my cuties ! I’m back !
Raw Rituals products are hand made using ingredients from nature. We insist on following ways of natural healing for self-care. Hence our products do not compose of any synthetic fragrances, preservatives, lathering agents, emulsifiers, or other chemical ingredients. The ingredients combined to create each of Raw Rituals Products are listed on the packaging.
All Raw Rituals Self-care products are:
Free of SLS, SLEs and other detergent/ detergent like products, Paraben, Preservatives, synthetic and chemical fragrances, Alcohol, synthetic and artificial colors

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Print in Colours

Hii My Cuties !

I’m blogging after a really long time !

Today’s post is about My Long Printed Maxi Skirt that I got from StyleMantraas

You won’t Believe but the Quality and Product they are providing, IT’S Awsome !

The Skirt is Maxi and it is ankle length. There are bright and beautiful colours in this skirt.

There are random prints on it.

The cloth is really light weight and anyone can carry it with confidence !

The skirt has a elastic at the back and ribbion to tie in the front.

You can pair it up with Simple Plain light coloured Tee(Like  I did)

You can wear it with a Koti on Navratri and believe me you will look amazing.

So get your hands on their products ! Check out their Instagram profile !

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Paper boat drinks Review

Hii my cuties !
How are you all doing? Enjoying your vacations?

I’m going to review Paper boat Drinks in the flavour Chilli Guava💚!
Hurrah ! Cheers if you have also tried it 😁
It’s a fruit beverage and you can serve it so easily in case of some uninvited guests(😝😝) so next time don’t worry, you have your rescuer !









Starting with the review,

Packaging –

The packaging is very cute and unique.
I, personally at times prefer things on their appear. And this is surely 5 / 5 !
Apart from appearance, the packing is travel friendly and it wont spill literally !
The cap is closed so tightly even after you once open it !

👍 No preservatives
👍 No added colours
👍 Just Good old Goodness

Price and Taste –

Paper boat drinks has many many flavours. You can pick any of them !
It’s for just ₹ 30 (250 ml)

Yeah are you shocked? Really it is !

Chilli Guava is a sour and tangy as well as spicy beacause of the chilli.
I’m a big guava fan💚💚 so for me this flavour was a hit by the name itself !
But the spiciness of chilli may not be liked by some. So if you can bear the Mirchi taste it’s worth a shot !



Yaa I just love that song in the video. It’s so awesome😍😍 and the video also. It’s a must watch if you love your childhood. Here it is 👇


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Hair Care Routine + Tips

Hii My Cuties !
My Hair care Routine was a highly requested so here it is !
Also I have shared a few tips that helps my hair grow and be healthy !

I hope you guys liked this video.


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The Nature’s Co. Body Wash Review

Hii my cuties !
How are you all?

Today I’m going to review The Nature’s Co. Body Wash !
The Nature’s Co. Is a nature friendly company. And you guys know how much I love natural and paraben free products ! So this review was must !

About The Nature’s Co. Body Wash –

At the Nature’s Co, nature is a way of life. Here, a strict adherence to the ‘all natural’ way persists. The products contain the natural ingredients that are against animal cruelty, vegan and of best quality from across the globe.
The secret to good health and beauty lies in pure nature. It is this belief that has prompted The Nature’s Co. to explore the five purest forms of nature, which are the elements of air, sun, forest, earth and water. This exploration has led to the creation of five distinct ranges Atmospure, Starrize, Foressence, Earthborne and Aquaspark. Each range embodies the goodness and appeal of the element that inspired it.

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Product says –

Purifies and hydrates ageing, dry or flaky skin.

Get a bath treat with the unique, woody aroma of Sandalwood. It purifies and hydrates ageing, dry or flaky skin and its astringent action balances oily skin conditions. It’s even recommended for calming and relaxing the body and mind. This heavenly cleansing body wash lathers up in the bath or shower.

Ingredients: Red sandalwood extract, Vegetable glycerin,Pro-vitamin B5, Aloe Vera extract.



Nowadays Soaps and Body wash have become so harsh to our skin and even it’s tested on animals which is so awful.
So I love natural products.

The Nature’s Co. Body Wash has truly been a boon for my skin. As we have summers Our skin requires extra pampering and light products.
This body wash has a really cool shape and the shape of cap when it opens is so innovantive.

The Nature’s Co. Body Wash belongs to the Earthborne Category. Smell of the body wash lingers around for few time and the fragrance is like the woods and truly fantasies the sandalwood !

You all know I have a very sensitive skin. This product has suited my skin so well. Consistency of the products is very thin.




TGS’s Take-

❤ Fresh Sandalwood fragrance
❤ Cool packaging
❤ Light and not harsh to skin
❤ Sls and paraben free
❤ Eco friendly and Recyclable

TGS’s Drawback

🚫 Thin consistency

TGS’s Verdict –

4 / 5

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Neesh Pocket Perfumes Review

Hii my cuties!

How are you all??

Summer these days in India are killing hot ! What about the sweat? C’mon we all do !

I have found a savior of bad odour.

It’s the Neesh Pocket Perfumes !

These perfumes can comfortably fit any of your bottoms. You can use them when ever you have bad odour.

About Neesh :

Since the genesis, NEESH has defined style and beauty. NEESH’s passion and distinctive style has created the most fabulous perfumes in the world. We are a place where the story of our brand and its grand evolution will be told by our marvelous designs and prolific perfumes. Come and explore Neesh’s heritage collection to matters of the heart.

Connect –


Neesh claims –

1) They contain very high quality frangrance (absolutely ✅)

2) lasts up to 12 hours (it stays strong for 7 hours nicely)

3) contains 400 sprays so each spray costs less than Re. 1

4) fits in every pocket. ✅

Starting with the reivew,

I had got 5 of their pocket perfumes, testing strips of all of their perfumes, Personal letter written which I really love, their booklet about products.

There will be a picture where in the perfume is placed besides it’s description so check out your fav one !

1) Belle D’ Oud –

The fragrance is kind of bitter one.

I dint like this one. Because I love pleasant and sweet smell.

2) Zaffran E Hindustan –

Oh my god ! This is my favourite one !

It smells so feminine. It smells like rose and saffron.

3) Rose E Mohabatt –

Next one that you should absolutely try on ! It contains rose and lavendar. It’s a very sweet and light fragrance.

4) Amour De Oud –

This one is a flowery fragrance but slightly tingy to my nose.

5) Sultana –

This one is not at all recommendable Sorry ! It literally smells like some bitter medicine.

**These are my views on each fragrance. It might differ from person to person. I wrote what I genuinely felt about the perfumes**

My favourite one’s are Zaffran E Hindustan and Rose E Mohabatt.

So when are you looking forward to buy them? Hurry up ! It will be so good for your summers !;);)

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DrWheatgrass Review

Hii my cuties!

Here I’m to review DrWheatgrass skin recovery cream and super balm.

About DrWheatgrass-

Wheatgrass can do wonders for many skin and other conditions and for general health and wellbeing  when ingested.

Wound healing, eczema, molluscum contagiosum, fissure and sports injuries are just some of the conditions I use wheatgrass for with considerable success. It’s also very safe for babies, during pregnancy and while breastfeeding.



Skin Recovery Cream –

It’s safe for all ages

Can be used as a night and day cream

It repairs your skin

Helps slow ageing

Super balm –

Removes pain

Not harsh with the skin

It’s natural

Here is their pamplete and what it claims




The ingredients, directions and all details on the back part of sample are here –



Also there’s a giveaway tomorrow !
Do check it out i

It will be for All Indian residents.

Stay tuned !

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Funk Feets Minion Customised sneakers


Hii my cutiees !
Funk Feets Minion Shoes look so attractive and funky.
Mention this Discount Code-FF1019 to get discount.
So grab your one soonest !

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Beginner’s MakeUp Kit & How to Buy Makeup

Budget friendly starter makeup kit for beginners – Are you new to makeup? Are you stumped on how to create your first makeup kit? I’m here to save your time and money and that you will know how to buy makeup !
Products Mentioned :
Lakme CC Cream
Ponds BB cream
Lakme Eyeconic Kajal
Maybelline Volum Express waterproof Mascara
Oriflame Pressed Powder
Himalaya Strawberry Shine Lipbalm
Maybelline candy wow
Maybelline colorshow Lipstick – Madly Magenta

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Juicy Chemistry Products Review

Hii my cuties!
How are you guys??
Today I’m reviewing beauty products from Juicy Chemistry !

About Juicy Chemistry

I have purchased :
1)Lavender & Honey Night Cream – ₹ 150
2)Citrus & Sage Hand and Foot Scrub ₹ 150
3)Mojito Lip Butter – ₹ 200



The packaging of all products is so safe that you need not worry about your product getting spilled or broken!
(Pics shown below)

1)Lavender & Honey Night Cream

¤ Smells awesome
¤ Bit of oily
¤ Apply only a little quantity
¤ Benefits skin nicely







2)Citrus & Sage Hand and Foot Scrub-

The Scrub came with a wooden spoon and natural loofah.

¤ Plus point for spoon and natural loofah
¤ Smell drools me😍😍
¤ Exfoliates perfectly
¤ Natural Loofah is a bit harsh to sensitive skin
¤ Instructions are mentioned on the Container;)








3)Mojito Lip Butter

¤ Not at all sticky
¤ Perfect for dry lips
¤ Smells like a chewing gum😄
¤ Travel Friendly





So That’s All for today!

I hope you guys liked this post

Do comment if you have tried any of the Juicy Chemistry Product or If you are going to buy.

Stay Natural ! Stay Blessed !


Shraddha ! ❤